Redefined Skincare

Mojsoaps aren't your typical handsoaps. They're your new 100% natural skincare routine.

Why Mojsoap

  • Cold-process

    Using the finest food-grade, virgin oils and butters.
  • Essential oils

    For their therapeutic benefits - no fragrances!
  • Milk-based

    For added richness, nutrients and moisture.
  • Rich in Glycerin

    Naturally up to 23% glycerin. This is real "glycerin" soap.

6,000+ satisfied customers

I tried the Turmeric, and it's amazing. Leaves my face soft and clean. Smells great!

Engie, Anti-Ageing Turmeric Bar

I've been using the Tea Tree soap for 10 days and my skin looks radiant and even my acne has been reduced.

Gharam, Tea Tree Mango Butter Bar

I'm in love with this soap. I always used to use shower gel, I'm not used to soaps, but your's are a gamechanger.

Donia, Skin-Tightening Coffee Bar

I bought the Brazilian Clay Bar and my face is spotless, tight, and pore-free; it's like a miracle! Thank you for this lifesaver

Mai, Brazilian Clay Bar

Loving the product. I have allergies and eczema from most products. This one didn't cause any flair ups.

Nour, Sunset Acne Bar